Ooh, my aching ovaries

Woo-hoo. Ladies, we have a peak. We’re cleared for lift-off tomorrow at 11:30am.

I’m having the usual panic over the timing, this time successfully infecting jay with this obsession too – she demanded that I use a digital OPK as well as the monitor stick this morning, just to make sure they concurred (they did).

This month, I’ve been taking a herbal concoction put together for me by a friend studying to be a Herbalist. It contains Motherwort, White Peony, Lady’s Mantle, Marigold and Passionflower.  I have no idea what these things are supposed to do for me (she’s been too busy to run through it all with me) but I can report that they have seriously made my ovaries ache this month! The ache was there all day yesterday. So strongly that I was convinced I would get a peak reading then, but neither of the two tests I did yesterday (7am and 12:30pm) showed a surge. I was worried that I might have missed it yesterday afternoon/evening, but they’re aching like billy-oh today too. I’m taking this as a good sign. At least when I ‘m not fretting that 11:30am tomorrow is going to be too late because they feel like they’re going to pop any minute.

Let the finger-crossing commence.



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  1. FX! Sending you positive thoughts tomorrow.


  2. Fingers crossed! Hope that aching means you’ll be popping out one big healthy eggo!


  3. come on now….if this isn’t it i’m going to scream


  4. Don’t make yourself crazy if they start hurting less before your insem tomorrow. The fluid will leak out gradually even before the egg bursts out of the ovary. Good luck!!


  5. Finger-crossing has now started! Aching ovaries are a good sign …


  6. fingers firmly crossed!


  7. woo hooo!!! Will be crossing fingers and hoping like a mofo that THIS is your time.


  8. consider the crossed fingers commenced!! I am so excited for you! One of the only two times I had aching ovaries was the month we got pregnant!!!!!!!


  9. Posted by reproducinggenius on November 1, 2007 at 10:51 pm

    Aching ovaries are good. Definitely good. I’ve got all my digits crossed that this is the one! Now, would you get pregant already?! 🙂


  10. Posted by tbean on November 2, 2007 at 1:10 am

    fingers crossed: check
    good news for Vee and Jay in 2 weeks: CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!


  11. I’ve got white peony in the crazy Chinese herbs I’m taking from Dr. Accu, so there must be something worthwhile about it, if 2 different people on 2 different continents have been told to take it. Right? Right.
    I’ll be right behind you on Saturday….

    Fingers crossed! And everything else, too.


  12. Good luck!!!


  13. Good luck with the white peony and this cycle! I am cheering you on.


  14. Good luck with the herbs. I have RED peony in my Chinese stuff this round.


  15. I know that passionflower is meant to calm you down, if that helps. I guess they underestimated the amount of stress that TTC omits or they would have made something stronger than passionflower ……………


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