Delayed gratification?

Ok, I’m now slightly embarrassed about the freaky finger display. Did I take it too far? I should make it clear though that I did not painstakingly labour over a sweaty needle to create that dress and hat – they are Pippa clothes (don’t ask, ok, but I have lots of them, three of the dolls and a horse too.) The swim hat was all my own work though – amazing what you can do with some sellotape and a bit of toilet paper!!

I’m having another slightly wonky cycle. Is this becoming a bit of a theme? Today is now CD14 and those OPKs are remaining stubbornly negative. Today, armed with OKP and a pot to piss in (yes, I have one) I had to do undercover, top secret, mission impossible stick peeing in a public lavatory, during a 10 minute break between sessions, after frantically jigging my bladder-bursting way through the previous hour-long session… and still it was negative! How is that fair?

It’s rare but not unheard of for me to ovulate on day 16 though, and I certainly feel like there’s some ovary action revving up, so I’m not going to panic yet. Friday. I’m feeling Friday may be sperm day. If that awkward ovum stays put ’til Sunday though, there’ll be trouble!!

T and J over a Reproducing Genius are playing the egg drop guessing game too, so we both need an IVP ovarian shakedown, please!

This slight delay in ovulation has forced me into a rather awkward situation at one of my jobs this week. I work 2 days a week at an educational establishment and whilst our previous tries at the clinic have fallen during the long summer holiday, where I am able to dictate my own hours of attendance, this one is slap-bang in term time. The work I do requires me to be present in the classroom at specific times. If I am unable to do this, other people need to shuffe their workloads in order to cover my slots for me. I felt it was only fair to warn people of this possibility in advance, but the whole vagueness of the thing made me sound, well, weird! My colleagues know that we are trying to get pregnant, but most of them understand this in only the vaguest sense and I felt uncharacteristically self-conscious trying to explain why I couldn’t say for definite whether or not I would be in. Also, I don’t really want them knowing exactly where we are in the cycle. So I’ve had to bluster my way through and ignore the raised eyebrows and puzzled looks. But worse than that – after enduring the discomfort of a lame explanation, it turns out I won’t need to be off from that job at all, as a Friday or Saturday insem won’t affect that post! Oh the irony! I’m gutted I won’t get the time off either. Pah!


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  1. the OPK and wonky ovary thing is extremely frustrating, as is explaining to people why you can or can’t commit to being at work for certain days.
    I have to stop myself from explaining my whole cycle to aquaintences at work!
    Maybe if you threaten your ovaries with thoughts of cancellation that will kick them into action…worked for me!


  2. wonky is right! it’s hard to have to be secretive while also giving info… hopefully this is the LAST time!!!


  3. Posted by Korus on October 4, 2007 at 12:57 am

    GL! The creeping lateness O factor…Why dont we all just be text book and O on 14 test + on 10DPO – As I get older I seem to O later – weird. As for work I am always being secretive or missing without good reason , I’m sure they think I am up to no good. FX guys!


  4. Bah! I hope that egg drops soon!


  5. Posted by reproducinggenius on October 4, 2007 at 3:58 am

    How’s that egg doing?

    I completely get the vague mentionings of possible time off on a date yet to be determined. I’m trying to figure out what to do about my classes. I’m sure they’ll all rally ’round me if I say class might be cancelled, but they should show up anyway because I could be there. Aaaahhhh!

    Now come on +OPK! Come on little egg!

    (BTW, my surge arrived tonight, but my shipment isn’t coming until Friday. Here’s hoping I don’t O until Friday–yeah right!)


  6. The whole work deal is VERY hard to negotiate isn’t it. And let’s face it (and not that I like to male bash), ibut f it was men OPK’ing, inseming, injecting etc etc there wouldn’t be the whole awkward work thing, as no doubt there would be allocated days off. The best way I have found is to say that I have a fertility appointment and it is not something I can time or predict and then topped off with (very quickly) “thank you for understanding. I have always found you to be so compassionate!” It works I tell you!! Best of luck this cycle 🙂


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