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The L Word Season 3 was *finally* released for sale in the backwater that is the UK. Our copy hit the doormat yesterday morning. Something tells me the unpacking may be taking a back seat for a while. I’m determined not to have a repeat performance of our Season 2 consumption though – we watched the whole thing over a week when we were ON HOLIDAY! (It was raining, to be fair!)



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  1. Posted by tbean on September 25, 2007 at 1:25 pm

    Fair warning if you haven’t previously seen this season–the show really jumps the shark in season 3. But, we still love it, or at least, love to hate it. And we still watch b/c really, what else is there???


  2. tbean is right; however, i think season 4 was redeeming. enjoy!!


  3. There’s a season 4? Why, oh why are we SO FAR BEHIND?!!

    And what a pleasing addition to my vocabulary – “jumps the shark”! Should have me screaming at my telly even more loudly than usual then.


  4. season three, I’m thinking you will not be as hooked. tbean has it right about jumping shark but season four may have proved you can jump back over the shark!

    jump the shark info: http://www.jumptheshark.com


  5. everyone needs a DVD binge from time to time


  6. I missed most of season 3, but caught all of season 4 via YouTube. And thank you for clarifying what “jump the shark” means. I just heard it the other day, and have felt like a little kid in an alternate universe, wondering where the hell I’ve been to have missed such an important term. I had no idea what it meant, but now, all things are clear!! Happy tv watching!!


  7. I think I am about 2 seasons behind 2. I should just start all over again at Season 1.


  8. Now there’s a thought, Holly!


  9. we just finished season 4 thanks to itunes…

    though season 3 came close to shark jumping, i don’t think it went that far.

    i just wish max would go away.


  10. I agree with the others. Season 3 wasn’t my favorite. Just a warning not to get to excited.


  11. Season 3 wasn’t my fav either….but I still love the show and can’t wait for what is next. The L Word doesn’t accurately portray our community as a whole….but it’s TV right? Come on, how many other shows are there with such lesbian goodness? None. I rest my case. Ahh….I love a good marathon tv (or DVD) session. Hope you enjoyed it đŸ™‚


  12. Posted by Lauren on September 27, 2007 at 5:16 am

    I love the L word! But, here in Australia, I think they only screened season 1…and it was at some bloody awful hour in the morning.

    I *WISH*- they would bring it back!

    oh well…will just have to settle for my DVD’s of Q.A.F! =)


  13. Lauren – out of interest, are you watching the UK or USA version of QAF, or did they make an Australian version too..?!


  14. PS: We haven’t watched any of the Season 3 DVDs yet, in case anyone was wondering! We are warned.


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