Photo not even close to Friday

Ah well, better late than never. (I’m hoping to live long enough to have that on my gravestone!)

This week’s button theme has given me an excuse to show off at least part of my useless vintage clothing collection. (For “vintage clothing”, read “smelly old things from charity shops that are far too small and will never be worn but which I can’t bear to part with, much to jay’s disgust”.) So, without further ado:-

How gorgeous are they?

We had a productive and interesting weekend, which started on Friday night with a date! We’d arranged earlier in the week to check out our local gastro-pub and were really looking forward to it. The meal was lovely, marred only slightly by the fact that I woke at 1:30am to an urgent clamouring from inside to open up both emergency exits as something definitely wanted out. After several swift changes of position (kneel, no, sit, no, kneel…) I felt amazingly better, and on waking in the morning my dalliance with food poisoning was but a mere fading memory – surprising for me as I have a horrible phobia of vomiting. I won’t be having the crab again though.

Saturday was spent blackberry picking along our local footpaths, then we went to our new village Gala Day to check out the locals, which was fun. We ended up back home a few hours later, several ££s lighter. but now the proud owners of a string bag, an ice scraper, some cheap jewellery, a plastic pony and some bubble bath. Ah, the joys of tombola!

On Sunday we attacked the unpacking again, with some success and I made blackberry and apple crumble – deeply satisfying.

So, all in all a good weekend. Except for one thing. We had a letter from the clinic. Their prices are going up as of 1st October. By about 25%. Each IUI cycle will now cost us over £1100. Luckily, this upcoming one is already paid for (carried over from the cancelled cycle last month), but please, please keep your fingers crossed it works for us, because we’re not sure where we’re going to find the money from for subsequent ones if it doesn’t.



8 responses to this post.

  1. I hate that financing this whole endeavor can become such a stressor. Here’s to hoping you don’t have to deal with that 25% increase. My fingers are crossed!!!! Wishing a VERY lucky cycle for you!




  3. I too have a fear of vomitting but also smelly old “vintage” clothes!

    BIG TIME fingers crossed.


  4. That was me up there…not sure how Sara got into my computer…


  5. Posted by tbean on September 24, 2007 at 7:23 pm

    1100 pounds! Holy carp!! That is ridiculous!!!
    Next try has got to be yours!!!!


  6. lovely photo!!
    got any themes in your brain?!?!?!

    & blackberry & apple crumble??? holy heck that sounds good.

    As for the IUI prices- sheesh! I wonder if you could ask to lock in a rate or something. Then you will surely jinx yourself & totally get knocked up THIS go ’round. Cause that is how it works, right??

    Regardless- SOOO wanting this to be the cycle for you gals!


  7. Posted by owlie on September 25, 2007 at 12:38 am

    fingers tightly crossed for you.
    the money thing sucks, but enough grows!


  8. Oh my, fingers and legs and eyes all crossed for you both! Any more pie left? 🙂


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