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The period is definitely on her way. Early, due to the early ovulation, which is good. This means we get to squeeze in one more cycle before the laparoscopy which is booked for 18th October. They’re ok about us possibly needing to cancel at short notice if we get a BFP (is that too much to hope for?)

Couple of questions for those playing at home:-

1) Monitoring-wise this cycle we have the following options open to us – Clearblue fertility monitor; Clearblue digital OPKs; temping; daily bloodtests at the clinic (a 2 hour return journey). What combination should we opt for? I’m kind of tempted to go for bloods, especially as I’ve had 3 slightly odd cycles, but either the monitor or the OPKs seem to have picked up the surge accurately even when it’s been earlier/later than expected, (though I did get a screwy monitor reading a couple of cycles back). The bloods would mean someone else would take responsibility for the decision, but they’ll cost and the driving will be a bit of a pain in the arse.

2) If we are not successful this time round, I’ll be having the lap right at the start of my next period. They said it didn’t matter what day of the cycle I had it done, but if it’s so early on in the cycle, do you think I’ll be good to have an insem 13 or so days later, or will we have to take the month off as expected?

Thanking you in advance for your participation.



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  1. I don’t know anything about the blood tests.
    We stuck to the monitor and the opks.


  2. For what it’s worth (not much) I’m monitoring w/ultrasound and blood.

    (IUI #3 at 10:30 am tomorrow!)


  3. Ooh! Good luck for tomorrow Whozat!

    Bloods alone is the only offer – they won’t do any u/s monitoring with that. We could pay extra for it, but at £100 a time ($200 US) it’d probably end up costing more than the insem (and that in itself would be something!)


  4. arr! Methinks that combining yon monitor in the morn with ye old trusty opks at the noontime would be best likely to draw out th’map to th’treasure you seek — without depleting yer horde. But that’s just what ole’ Double Cannonballs here would do, arr!
    (that’s what ole’ Double Cannonballs IS doing this cycle)


  5. I’m with temmerling. I never trust the monitor on it’s own… we did OPK’s this last time around!


  6. Re the lap cycle, you won’t really know until you get there. If they find endo or something and zap it, especially if it’s extensive, you will WANT a month off. If the lap finds nothing you will probably be good to go though.


  7. With blood testing, I worry that all that travel will make a BFN sting extra hard and maybe introduce uneeded stress. Of course, I do hope the lap has to be cancelled because of a BFP.

    I like my monitor, even when it says screwy things.


  8. It sucks that they won’t do u/s monitoring.

    What would they be testing for the bloods?

    Maybe sticking to monitor and OPK would be best to avoid the travel stress? Obviously, up to you though.


  9. SW had pretty good luck with the OPKs and monitor. She actually stopped temping b/c it was causing too much stress, and didn’t seem to always jive with the actual happenings. Keeping fingers crossed!


  10. Sounds like the monitor and OPKs would be the best route, and there’s no reason to think you won’t get accurate results.
    If by some chance things don’t work this month and you have to do the lap, i think you’ll just have to wait and see how that goes. i can’t help but plan everything out in advance either, but sometimes i’m forced to just “see what happens”. Good luck this cycle!!


  11. i second and third everyone else–opks & monitor are the way to go when you go it at home. GOOD LUCK!


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