A semblance of normality


Ok, we’re getting there, after a mammoth trip to the Land of Swedish Flatpack furniture, a classic WTF sat nav route home and much swearing at screwdrivers, we’re finally looking a little more settled (*embrace the chaos* *breathe*). Admittedly, we have to make a return trip to take back the chairs that don’t match the freaking table, even though they did in the shop, and that this return journey comes hot on the heels of us both swearing NEVER to set foot in there again, but hey. It wasn’t until we moved to a larger dwelling that we realised quite how little furniture we own!

I’m slowly catching up on everybody’s news – the good, the bad, the crappy, the exciting and the simply downright awful and totally unfair (Sara, I’m so sorry).

We’re back online too, so no more petrol station jaunts! Here are the pics we promised:-


The view from jay’s desk.


The view from my desk.

The view out back.

You can’t see inside yet, cos it’s a bloody mess!!

As far as baby making news goes, we have our own shite to wrestle with this month. Despite a super quick TWWTW (two week wait to wait), our excitement at being able to try again really soon was dashed this morning with a positive OPK (CD11 – EARLY, you stupid fucking egg – too early!). Our clinic doesn’t open on Sundays and there’s no way we’re going through the “do it on Monday, it’ll be fine” debacle again. So, no insem for us this month. I could have smashed that fucking smiley face. I am torturing myself with images of some smug, fertile straight girl seeing that smiley and rolling over to wake up her man with a nice surprise. Apologies, but I’m feeling bitter that this lack of access to sperm when we need it is hampering us so badly – 2 our of three months – how is that fair?. To add insult to injury, when I called the clinic to cancel, they infomed me that as of next month there’ll be a £100 charge for cancellations of this nature. £100 fine for ovulating on the wrong fucking day! Greedy bastards! AND I’m going to have to reschedule the lap for a second time – they’re going to love me!

Please tell us we made the right decision – to save our time and money and emotional energy for a try that has at least a decent change of working. I’m so cross that they try to push people into an ill-timed insem. Over 50 hours after detecting a surge – it seems illogical and unethical to me. If you are closed on Sundays, take the financial hit for that, don’t laugh at people while you’re fleecing them when they’re at their most vulnerable! Yeah, ok, it *might* work, stranger things have happened, but when I pointed out that they themselves clearly didn’t consider it optimal timing, given that it’s not standard procedure on any other day of the week, things went somewhat quiet on the other end of the line.

So, we’re pissed off at having to sit out another month. I swear, we’ve sat out more fucking months than we’ve actually tried – easily, and not for any good reason in my book. But, we have you, and we have many lucky stars to thank (which I’m still too arsy to list right now) so we will make the best of it and prepare as well as we can for next month. Just no more Sunday ovulations. Please.



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  1. I’ll be the first to say it: YOU MADE THE RIGHT DECISION….and frig, they are greedy!!! As if it’s your fault you ovulated early than planned……that would tick me off too! Sorry you two have to wait another month 😦 ON a much happier note, the view is amazing! So jealous: 1) you live in beautiful Britain 2) the view!!! Although I do love our downtown condo, sometimes I wish I didn’t have to plug my ears when a firetruck went by, or wear an eye-shield to bed at night, because the street-lights are so frickin bright! I miss those days growing up in Canada, living in the country on a farm! Loved the “view” pictures though….can’t wait to see the inside pics of the new place 🙂


  2. Beautiful photos. As for the month off– so sorry to hear. Fingers crossed that next month will work out. No sundays no sundays. Also, that is downright awful that they will charge if they don’t even give you the option to come in when you need too. Grr.


  3. i want to move in next door to you girls! that place looks amazing! As for ovulation sunday that sucks a lot. paying for it sucks too…we are waiting for the cancellation fee for our cycle this month, no doubt it will not reflect the actual cost of the scans i had and will be some ridiculously extravagant amount that makes the whole cancelled cycle suck even more!
    but at least you have a pretty place to wait out the month in!


  4. Beautiful views from your new home!

    Your clinic sounds like a bunch of assholes, though.

    Is there another one within a reasonable distance of you that is open on Sundays – or at least doesn’t have such ridiculous financial policies?


  5. I think you made the right decision too. Your clinic does sound like it needs a little help in the customer service department. That is so unreasonable.

    Love the pictures, I’m jealous!


  6. crap! so sorry for the damn early positive test. Your clinic is lame- penalizing you double with crap hours and odd punishment pay. Like our ovaries have normal business hours?!?!

    You so made the right decision- but it still sucks.

    The photos are STUNNING!


  7. Good choice on waiting. The timing is such a pain. Do you test once a day for OPK?


  8. You made the right decision and the clinic people are creepy highway robbers.

    I looove where you live. I am seriously threatening a visit.


  9. Posted by tbean on September 9, 2007 at 10:52 pm

    I’m a firm believer in the whole “emotional state” influencing your conception thing. So, if you have four more weeks to feel more settled…than maybe it is a blessing. But trust me, waiting blows. So, I’m sorry for that. Glad to hear you are at least a little more settled!! Nice view!!


  10. You are absolutely making the right decision. You have to do what’s best for you!


  11. What is up with us? The same thing happened in my cycle. Weird. But al least you didn’t spend the money on the sperm.

    I LOVE your view. Love it. One day your baby will love it, too. XOXO!


  12. I’m glad that you seem to be settling in and have such a beautitful view. Waiting can be hard but it can also be fruitful if it in the end you feel more settled.

    Next month will be the one!


  13. Love your view!!!

    And you totally made the right decision. If the timing is crap, it’s not worth it.

    The clinic sucks btw for charging for biology-mandated cancellations (um, do the people there understand how the reproductive system works?) and for not being willing to accommodate the fact that women’s bodies are not on their time clock. Would it kill them in special circumstances to do an IUI on a Sunday?

    I’m sorry. The waiting sucks.


  14. I agree with everyone else (even though we are late in putting in our two cents) that you were right to hold off – though I’m sorry you had to since it all makes no F**KING sense. That’s the strangest thing I’ve ever heard. So I raise my glass to a peaceful month, and for no more Sunday ovulations!!

    In another note – i LOVE the view. And can’t wait to see pics of the inside, though since I’m reading from oldest to newest maybe they are already there…


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