We’re outta here!

Members of the IVP, we wish to thank you very much for all the top swearing at the fact that we are not pregnant.

We would also like to ask you to keep your fingers crossed that all goes well tomorrow because….WE’RE FINALLY MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, with approximately 24 hours notice we have finally had our moving date confirmed for tomorrow. Unbelievably we actually managed to find a removals company to get us from old house to new house, though for a scary moment there it looked like we’d be hiring a van and doing it ourselves! We’re both frantically packing up the last of our belongings and finally allowing ourselves to be excited about the new life that lies ahead of us.

Naturally the last thing to get packed will be the computers and they’ll be first out at the other end, but we’re not sure how long we’ll be without reliable broadband access, so we’re likely to be out of circulation for at least a few days. Looking forward to catching up on the news then.

tata for now

vee and jay



14 responses to this post.

  1. Good luck with the move and getting settled in!


  2. Safe and peaceful moving travels, and we’ll be waiting on the other side for the unpacking to begin!!


  3. Lots of luck with the move!


  4. Safe travels & moving!
    You will be missed- but I hope it all goes smooooothly.



  5. We’ll miss you! Have a safe move.


  6. BIG good luck for the move!! Hang on to your sanity! (I always lose mine during a move. E might say I never have it, but it’s definitely worse when we’re moving!) Good luck!!


  7. Good luck with the move. Glad it’s finally happening despite all the ridiculous drama you’ve had to endure.


  8. Posted by tbean on August 30, 2007 at 8:14 pm

    Happy Moving!!! See you on the other side!


  9. Have a good move!


  10. Congrats and I’ll miss you! Come back soon.
    Happy nesting.


  11. Happy Trails!


  12. Happy moving!


  13. Hope everything goes well guys!! Congrats on the exciting move 🙂


  14. Best of luck with the move guys. Hoping it goes beautifully…..


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