Photo Weekend – Kitchen Gadgets

We don’t actually have many gadgets left in our kitchen. Most of them are packed away in cardboard boxes awaiting our house move (for which we STILL do not have a fucking date)! However, I can charm you with the delights of jay’s beautiful red whisk:-


This baby is not just any old whisk. It’s made from silicon. Stick-free, flexible, won’t discolour or lose shape and doesn’t damage non-stick pans.  All this is true, but it’s not why I bought it. I picked it because jay loved the colour. When I got it to the till and discovered it was over twenty quid, I was simply too embarrassed to say, “Bugger off, I’m not paying that much for a kitchen utensil she’ll barely ever use!” So I handed my visa card over and smiled wanly, and the whisk became hers!

My other offering for this week is this pair of extremely useful tongs:-


Very handy for snatching saugages from a hot grill or flipping a burger, but otherwise pretty innocuous, right? Wrong! Jay hates these tongs with a vengeance. She complains every single time I use them and has, on occasion, threatened to refuse to wash them up ever again. They must have done something very bad to her in a previous life!



3 responses to this post.

  1. If you ever washed up, you would know why I hate those tongs so much!! :-p


  2. BWAHAHAHAHA! Jay’s comment is totally something I would say to Vanessa.


  3. I know why I don’t like those tongs. They look way too much like a tenaculum (evil cervix pinching IUI tool) for me to ever want to get near them! But I do like the red whisk. 😉


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