Swim, you little buggers, swim!

Well folks, the deed is done. That’s the fastest I think we’ve EVER spent that kind of money – we were in and out within 15 minutes!! Of course, it’ll be worth every single penny if it works.

We’re both feeling scarily optimistic about this try. Almost as excitable as the first ever attempt that we made. These days we generally manage to keep a lid on it for one another, but this time we’re both bouncing off the walls. We reckon the timing was pretty sweet – I picked up the surge at 1:30pm yesterday and the insem was 1:30pm today. Even if the surge was there to be detected earlier in the day, I still reckon that looks good. And there’s no doubt (in my mind at least) that ovulation has either just happened (we’re now a couple of hours later on) or is imminent – a lovely little temp dip yesterday morning, but no spike this morning (consistent with my previous charts), EWFM in embarrassing abundance, and cramps and twinges on both sides (yikes!) all day.

Even what the woman at the monitor company had to say heartened us. She reckoned that the monitor, as it bases its predictions on stored data as well as the daily sticks, may have given me a peak readingon CD9 based on the percentage increase in LH it detected, not simply on the total amount. So a percentage increase on CD9 similar to previous percentage increases detected in prior cycles may have triggered the peak, even if the total amount was not enough to trigger ovulation. I don’t even know if that makes sense, but it did at the time and it’s made me feel like this might be an ovulation with a bit of gusto; something I’ve previously worried I’m lacking.

In other good vibe mojo, I received a letter today giving me a date for a laparoscopy. Naturally I’m gonna think that I won’t need that appointment now it’s finally arrived!

This month, I’ve been listening to a hypnotherapy CD called Prepare to Conceive, producd by Natal Hypnotherapy. I bought it thinking that it couldn’t possibly hurt and it would give me an excuse to sneak off for a lie down every now and then, usually when the washing up needed doing 😉 Actually, I really rate it. It makes a number of suggestions during the session which I really think have not only helped me to remain calm during what has been a very unsettling two weeks, but also to make good food choices and drink plenty of water. The added bonus? I’ve had an immense amount of fun visualising sparkling golden light whizzing round my girly bits!



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  1. Fingers crossed…SW really liked her CDs too (these were by belleruth naparstek)…we’ll be thinking about you two/three!!


  2. go swim team, go!!


  3. Get to it, swimmers, there’s a sassy eggie just waiting around for you to bombard it!


  4. Swim little bugger! Swim!!!
    Sending you some good vibes!!!!


  5. Sending lots of positive vibes that this is the one!


  6. Hope this is the time! Thanks for the comments…..can’t wait to find out if today was the lucky day for you both!


  7. Yippee for you guys, good timing, healthy eggs and strong swimmers. I feel good FOR you.


  8. yey! how exciting! may the tww fly by for you and may this be the first and last time you have to do it.


  9. Ooh! this one sounds good. I hope it works.


  10. Wow! If those little spermies are running on IVP power, I’ll definitely be knocked up!!

    @ Owl – I certainly hope it’s the last time we have to do it, but sadly it’s a long way from being the first. I think we’re up to #10 or #11 now. I’ve given up counting – it’s too depressing! At least with the house move, the time should whizz past!


  11. Posted by timaree on August 18, 2007 at 7:42 pm

    Everything seems to be lining up beautifully. I just know that two weeks or so from now, you’ll be writing the best post ever. Go, swimmers, go!


  12. Fingers and paws crossed here at the Family O.


  13. Yay! I do love the sparkly golden light image.


  14. Ooooooh. I want that cd! Your insem was one day before mine. I love having friends in the TWW with me. Twinging on both sides, eh? Veeeery interesting.

    Fingers crossed, mamacita.


  15. Hey Vee,

    Thanks for the post and help on the whole charting thing! I thought mine was pretty messed up. I take it at the same time every morning (7:15am) with the alarm clock. I have the therm. set out beside me, and I don’t get out of bed or move around at all. I also usually go to bed around 12:00am, so I have at least 7 hrs of sleep each night. I guess after a few months of charting, I will start to figure it out. Thanks for the link too, that helped!!! Hope you’re having a great weekend 🙂


  16. swim. Swim. SWIM!!!


  17. Best of luck!
    (I should be about a week behind you.)


  18. You can do it swimmers….go go go go go!


  19. Yay! Sounds like everything is just in order!! Fingers and toes crossed…


  20. Hi Vee

    Sounds like fantastic timing. Here’s hoping for a very positive cycle 🙂 Re your luteal question on our blog….. As far as what our fertility specialist says, if you get your period on day 11 or less, then you should be considering progesterone support. I am still catching up on your previous posts – how long does it normally take from insemination to your period arriving. If you are 10 days, then maybe consider speaking with your Doctor??? Not sure what other opinions are….anyone???


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