Freaky O’s

Bored of waiting to inseminate? Ovulate early!

Yep! After last month’s freaky blood gush, we now have a freaky O, or at least a peak. It’s CD9 people. What the hell is going on? If I concentrate, I can convince myself I can feel ovulation rumblings. But CD9!! I’ve been charting and monitoring my cycles for coming up to 2 years. I have always been tediously regular. This switch to the clinic seems to have sent my cycles haywire. I’ve read of folks ovulating earlier when they are on meds, but I’ve taken nothing more hardcore than pineapple!

So, has this happened to you? Am I going to O twice this cycle? Is the egg going to be mature enough if we insem tomorrow? What can I ask the clinic to do to find out if I am ovulating before pressing the plunger? Is there any hope left, or is this over before it started?



2 responses to this post.

  1. How odd and annoying! They should be able to do an ultrasound to see if there really is a ripe follicle in there. They should also be able to see if there’s any fluid in the cul de sac (aka– if it’s already too late). I’d try to get in first thing tomorrow morning if you can. You can probably still catch it in time. It’s a good thing you’re keeping track!


  2. do you have any other signs? CM or cervix related?
    are you temping?
    Sometimes pee sticks can be off.
    can’t wait for an update!

    (& I am sure the stress of moving has nothing to do with it– heh!)


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