A (mostly) non-TTC post!!

Ok, we’re just cooling our heels here doing the “wait two weeks before you wait two weeks” thing.  We’re very excited about this try (providing I don’t surge on a Saturday, in which case this try won’t be happening). That’s your advanced warning to prepare for BFN fallout of monumental proportions, should it fail.

But, on to other distractions….with luck and a following wind, jay and I should be upping sticks and moving to our new abode in the English countryside within the next 2 or 3 weeks. Neither of us have really moved since we’ve been the kind of grown up people who own furniture and shit like that; previous moves consisted of chucking all one’s belongings into boxes from the supermarket and asking your mate to drive them round to your new digs. But now we have STUFF. A remarkable amount of it too! We’ve been diligently packing bits and bobs for months and have a garage full of boxes already, but what we need from you now is tips. Tips on how to stay sane on the day, how to get through the final packing push without losing things forever, how to handle men with vans, how to find anything ever again at the other end – anything that you think might be useful and particularly anything you wish you’d known/thought of before you moved!

Thanking you in advance for your pearls of wit and wisdom.



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  1. As someone who moved previously EVERY SINGLE YEAR (& once twice in one year!), I will share my mantra: lists & labeling. I made 100 lists – lists of things to do, lists of things in boxes, lists of things to pack. And we were quite detailed on how we labeled our boxes so that we knew what exactly was in each one. Other than that, I found that just taking a couple of moments to just breathe & relax & remember that it’d all be over soon! Best of luck!


  2. Hope the move goes well. I’ll have to do that whenever D finishes the work on the new house. It is one reason I don’t that he’s not finished yet!


  3. I agree with maeby! The best thing you can do is be organized from the beginning becuase it will help you out when you get to the new place.


  4. I agree that labels will be your best friend and after the first big unpack day if there are boxes left set a goal to unpack 2 or 3 a day. Don’t unpack everything until you’re ready to put it away and organize as you go. Also… get rid of as much stuff as you can before you move. I have vowed for our next move (which hopefully won’t be for a long long long time) that we will have movers do it ALL– pack and unpack.


  5. Organization is key! When I moved back from school, I was of the “throw everything in boxes or bags” and it took years to find stuff. On our recent move, Lois was in charge of labeling boxes and doing everything by rooms.
    I also suggest throwing out as much as possible while you are packing. We moved stuff and wondered why the heck we kept it once we got to the new place.


  6. I have no tips for you. Despite all of my best-layed plans, moving is always hell for me. Just keep telling yourself, “In a few days, I will be in my new house.”


  7. i agree–organize as you go! And don’t unpack it if you don’t want to put it away, right then.
    So exciting–good luck with the move AND with this cycle!!


  8. Posted by tbean on August 11, 2007 at 1:04 pm

    Having just done this myself last week–my best advice is to try and get into a zen place where you can be okay with the chaos and lack of routine and lack of control. Things are going to be topsy-turvy no matter how anal and organized you are and if you can sort of embrace that rather than fighting it, then you will have an easier transition. That being said, my best unpacking advice is to move all the boxes into one room and then work on settling one room at a time. For us, living room were first, closely followed by bedroom and kitchen. Best of luck–it is a totally different experience moving with “grown-up stuff” as I call it!!


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