PHOTO FRIDAY – Lucky Charms

I’m not the most superstitious or spititual of people. I set great store by medicine and science. I like to think of myself as a pretty no-nonsense kind of gal. But this TTC stuff has invaded dark and ancient places that I did not know existed. I now see signs in everything. Of course, not one of these signs has heralded a pregnancy, but you gotta take comfort where you can get it, right?

Take this little bag:-


A friend sent me this, telling me it contained South African fertility stones and that I should keep it with me at all times. Said friend is several years older than me, had difficulty falling pregnant and now has an adorable 2 year old. Need I say more?

The contents are fairly nonedescript:-


They are, however, polished, which at least allows me to think that she didn’t dig them up from her garden! I carried these stones around with me faithfully every day for months; at night I slept with them under my pillow. Of late, I have been less religious about this, since I haven’t managed to get spermed up in what feels like an age, but this month I have found myself reaching for them once again. They haven’t done anything for me thus far, admittedly, but believe me, they’ll be with me on that table when my feet are in those stirrups! Roll on Monday!



2 responses to this post.

  1. Sounds like today is the day. Good luck!!


  2. I just tagged you two for a meme. And I’m dying to hear how your IUI went. Hopefully better than mine but just as fruitful.


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