timing trauma

I need to draw upon some IVP expertise.

Our clinic is open 6 days a week, closing only on Sundays. There protocol for inseminations is as follows:-

  • Peak on Mon, Tues, Weds Thurs or Fri morning – go in for insem the following day.
  • Peak on Sat morning – go in for insem on Monday morning FIRST THING.
  • Peak on Sunday morning – go in for insem on Monday as soon as they can organise it.

It’s looking likely that I won’t get a peak reading until Saturday or Sunday (today (Thurs)  is only CD11).

When this was all explained to us, I was quite up for the idea. I thought it might be a good thing to mix up the timings a little from time to time; something a bit different. But now I’m just worried that a Saturday or Sunday peak will just be a total waste. Isn’t it simply going to all be too late?

I’ve not had to stress too much over precision timing before – we’ve been using fresh, which lasts for longer, we could manage more than one insem and it was free. I did consider using OKPs to pinpoint my surge more closely, but actually, it all seems to be totally in the hands of the clinic – they tell us when to come in, not vice versa, so I’m not even sure we could have any influence over how this plays out. I’m not even clear what we’ll get in terms of monitoring whether or not there is a follicle there, whether it has already released, blood hormone levels etc and I’m loathe to ask for it and then find we’re stuck with an additional bill which in all likelihood would be as much as just trying anyway.

This is essentially just anxious speculation and nothing more – we’ve waited on the bench for so long now that I don’t think either of us would want to cancel this cycle, even if it was unlikely to work. Because you never really know, do you?



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  1. I sympathize with the freaking out over clinic schedules. We have needed to insem twice on the weekends when the clinic isn’t officially open. Our doc has met us even on the off hours, but just introducing that additional variable is very stressful. As for timing, I know that the 24 hours after peak is standard, but they say the egg can live for 24 hours, so theoretically even if you surge Saturday AM, a Monday insem should still be fine. Plus, I think there are so many variables that we can’t understand and pin down that all you can do is just do the best you can with timing and then cross your fingers. We’ll be crossing ours for you!!


  2. you hit it dead on: you just never know…

    The timing of it all has stressed me out EVERY SINGLE TIME. We have NEVER had a cycle where I didn’t go on freak out mode that we missed ovulation or that it didn’t really occur, or that we didn’t hit the window, yada, yada, yada. This cycle is no exception. We had our trigger shot on Wednesday and i was convinced I ovulated Wednesday night, which would have rendered today’s insem useless. Of course, now my bug about this cycle is that my temp still hasn’t spiked, so maybe I’m not going to have ovulated while there are still swimmers in there…

    I think the timing of this stuff is hard for all of us, especially those of us who have been trying for so long and are control freaks at heart b/c if we could just get it “perfect”, we would – of course – be pregnant.

    Fingers crossed for you for a timely surge and a successful insem!!!!


  3. I know it is frustrating. I understand it is most LIKELY that you’d ovulate at least 24 hours after your Peak…

    but the fact that you could O right away certainly doesn’t help things.

    I am now hoping for a slightly late Peak for you, just so that the clinic will be ready for you!


  4. I’ll tell you what my doctor told me this morning. (We’re on the exact same cycle day! Cool!) I had a 17mm follicle. I wanted to know if we should insem twice. He said we should do Sunday just in case I ovulate early, and Monday if I ovulate from the trigger shot. I asked him what to do if I only wanted to inseminate once. He said just Monday morning. So yes, it is true that you just never know. It is also true that even though we’re on the same cd, we don’t have the same ovary. But I am hoping that this will give you some peace of mind about doing the insem on Monday. I’m also hoping WE BOTH GET FREAKIN’ PREGNANT! 😉 Sorry for raising my voice. Good luck.


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