About 30 minutes after I arrived at work this morning, I received a text from jay announcing that we had received TWO envelopes from the Helpful Fertility Clinic. Now I know that one of those will be a receipt for the obscene amount of money they have just debited from our account, but the other one can only be…..


We get 3 to choose from and we get to stick with that donor unless he is removed from the available list for whatever reason (maximum number of pregnancies etc).

Ok, so I’m at work and jay is working from home. Can you spot the dilemma? Incredibly and with great restraint, jay has refrained from opening them ALL DAY (at least that’s what she tells me)! In turn, I have patiently whiled away the working day in a very quiet office, containing my inner champing to dash home and tear open the buggers.

Today is CD9. We’ll be picking this donor tonight and hopefully his specimen will be making me pregnant in a few days time.

I feel ridiculously, scarily hopeful about this attempt, mainly because we’re doing something different. I know that having 9 or so failed at home IVI insems doesn’t get us any closer to this being a success. I know we could be doing clinic IUIs for a long time.

Well, my head does. 

But my heart wants to soar.



6 responses to this post.

  1. I swear I didn’t open anything, honest! *I* am smugly self disclipined, despite my own excitement!


  2. I can’t believe jay’s restraint!
    I’m sure you made a great choice! Good luck this month!


  3. We are soaring with you! Way to go Jay on waiting. Good for you Vee for being able to do ANY work.


  4. You never know – you could choose some super sperm! This is exciting, I hope this will be your one and only clinic IUI!


  5. Different can be lucky & good! Crossing fingers, eyes, & toes that your guy’s swimmers do the job!


  6. Posted by tbean on July 17, 2007 at 8:20 pm

    Your enthusiasm is catching–I’m excited too! Fingers crossed!


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