Photo Friday – Fave t-shirt

Having been so shamefully late in posting the theme this week over on Photo Friday we felt the least we could do was get our shots for this week up on time! So, without further ado, here’s a snap of (the back of) my favourite t-shirt:-


I bought this t-shirt at University back in 1991 (my god, that makes it, what, 16 years old!!!). It travelled around the world with me for almost 2 years back in 1997/98, residing faithfully in my backpack along with about 6 other items of clothing. It is now old and worn smooth and carries the scars of my sinful spliff-smoking years, but the groovy artwork is still intact and it never did lose its shape, and I love it dearly still. It’s the t-shirt that jay wears to bed when I am away from home. And juggling was probably the most useful thing I ever did learn as an undergraduate!!

I’ll now pass you over to jay, who has displayed her magnificent breasts Super G t-shirt for your delictation. She’ll explain why it’s so special herself…..


LOL. As you may imagine, vee bought this t-shirt for me and I love it dearly. It’s not quite 16 years old but has been washed rather too many times because I wear it often. I’ve lost count of the times people have squinted at it and said “…S…?” quizzically, as in “…why…?!”, only to be corrected; “it’s a G, actually,” at which point they squint again and look confused, then I explain it’s because I am a GIRL, and girl starts with G, so there you go. Ha ha, etc. Anyway, I love it, but not as much as I love vee.
– jay and vee xx


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  1. one of the reasons i love reading your blogs is remembering those words that are particular to G.B. and not really used in the U.S.–spliff, it! love the shirt, too! –cd


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