Photo Friday – RED

hot pot

Originally uploaded by jayandvee

Here’s one of our offerings for this week’s Photo Friday. I couldn’t figure out how to post more than one photo via Flickr, but if you click on this one, you’ll get escorted through to the gallery.

This is one of our oldest and most favoured cooking pots. Great colour for a warming winter stew, and given the shockingly awful weather we’re getting in the UK at the moment, we’re finding ourselves drawn to filling if with comfort food to snarf on these cold evenings.


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  1. Posted by reproducinggenius on June 30, 2007 at 10:27 pm

    I do love a pop of red in the kitchen. Your pot would match my tea kettle!



  2. I LOVE that pot. I’m always seeking new pots for bean dip, soups and stews.


  3. That pot brings back so many memories! We had one like that in orange when I was growing up.


  4. Hey there! I have the perfect photo Friday “Red” picture, but I can’t figure out how to put photos from a file onto my wordpress blog. When I try to insert a photo, it asks for the URL. Any advice would be much appreciated.


  5. Hey there,

    I’m still a bit new to all this myself, but I’ll see if I can help.

    So far, I’ve put photos onto our blog in 3 different ways:-

    1. Direct from the photo file on my PC into my blog. If you open up the “write new post page”, then go down to the bottom. Select the “upload” tag, if it’s not already selected, then click browse and locate your photo wherever it is on your harddrive. (A good size for the blog is 300×400 so you may need to resize it first). Click “upload” (bottom right) and the picture should then appear in that bottom section. Select “full size” and then “send to editor” and it should then appear in the main box where you usually type your posts. You can then add text in the usual way.

    2. You can also post them to your blog from flickr if your photos are stored there. Pick the shot you want to upload and, from the choices showing across the top of the photo, click “blog this”. It your blog is not attached to your flickr account, it will take you through the process of lining them up, then you are able to actually create the blog post in flickr – it will show you a screen with the photo and an area for a title and text. Write what you want and click “post” and it *should* appear on your blog, with a link back through the photo to your flickr account.

    3. You can put just the photo up on your blog via flickr, without the link back. Pick the photo you want to upload and, from the choices showing across the top of the photo, click “all sizes”. Choose your size from the choices that are now showing across the top of the photo and then in you scroll down the page, you’ll see some HTML code in the first box. Copy this code, go to your wordpress write a post page, click on the “code” tab at the top of the box you usually write your post in, then paste the code from flickr here and publish – the photo should now show up.

    I hope that helps?

    Good luck!



  6. Oh, and jay just showed me another way, which actually sounds like the way you were trying to do it! If you click on the little green icon on your create a post page, it asks for the URL. You can find this on Flickr in the same place that you find the HTML code I mentioned in method 3 above. The URL is in the second box below the photo, underneath the one with the HTML code in it.

    I’ve used the URLs from here to make slideshows on Rock You too, which you can also embed into your blog, but that might be a question for another day!


  7. Posted by cdv1971 on July 10, 2007 at 9:25 pm

    Don’t know how I stumbled onto your site, but I like your photo theme idea, hope you don’t mind if i use it on my site as well.


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