It’s official. We have our first clinic appointment booked for 20th June – a swift wanding followed by our psych consult. Initial consult with the doctor is a week later.

I’m actually trying not to be too pissed off with the clinic, who are still insisting on charging us practically the whole amount despite me having had all the required blood tests done for free on the NHS. But hey, what’s a couple of hundred quid when they’ll be bleeding us dry the following month and taking an arm and a leg the month after?!

Money aside (and I am a miserly old crone), I’m getting pretty excited about this. I’ve got over a month to prepare my 20 questions and to psych myself up to be assertive about what I want them to do for me (and believe me, that’s a tall order for a mild-mannered Brit like me). After a year of trying with fresh though (well, ok, 8 months) I don’t want them to go in all softly, softly; I want to feel like we’re doing something different, something more full-on, something that’s going to actually make me pregnant.

Of course, I might, by some long-life pasteurised sperm miracle, already be pregnant. In which case I’ll be spending the next 9 months feeling bad about totally not bothering to even try not to drink during this TWW. Not that I’ve been sloshed or anything, but still….


Edit:- I forgot to add that they also told me they don’t treat women with a Body Mass Index of morethan 30. According to my scales, I’m borderline. And I know my scales err on the generous side. Tips for rapid weight loss that involve no effort, deprivation or pain are most welcome!


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  1. I HATE the bmi system. I carried this huge fear that clinics I used would dump me as my bmi charged up towards the high side (thank you fertility meds & infertility related depression).

    The odd part is that bmi rarely has anything to do with fertility success rates. Only if your weight hampers ovulation do you have anything to worry about.

    so be easy on yourself about that. We beat our bodies and minds up enough over all of this shit.

    and HURRAH for having an appointment!! wooo hoooo!!


  2. My advice isn’t the magic bullet, but I’ve lost about 7 lbs/month on weight watchers (while being stringent on it – much small loss when I’m casual.) That’s 10 lbs in 6 weeks if you wanted to commit for that little bit of time. AND, you can drink on WW, you just have to hold off on food somewhere else. 🙂


  3. I totally HATE the BMI system too – I lost 3 stone on weight watchers before we tried – but it was still on the high side……..

    Can’t wait to hear how it goes at the clinic – good luck!!!


  4. If I ever figure out how to lose weight, I’ll let you know! Good luck with the visit!


  5. Yay for progress!

    On the weight front– I really hope they don’t actually require you to lose weight.

    My recipe for quick weight loss is to go vegetarian or as close to it as you can for a couple of weeks. I love this b/c you don’t really have to limit portion sizes on steamed green beans, and during the summer that’s what I crave anyway. You can eat cups and cups of green vegetables, and it’s hardly any calories at all.

    You can still get plenty of protein with legumes and plain yogurt. And green leafy veggies are great for calcium.

    I’m not a light-weight, btw, so don’t hate me for suggesting an all veggie diet. I’m a big healthy girl weighing in at 170 (up 10 lbs from last year thanks to TTC drugs and stress).


  6. The BMI is total and utter crap and I hate it.

    WW worked for me, too. It might be worth doing the online version if you care to – it’s not that painful at all because once you start paying attention to what you eat, you have done half the work.

    Congrats on the appointment!


  7. It sucks that you have to repeat the *same* bloodwork. I hope you’re pg and don’t need to do any of this.

    That’s crazy about the BMI. Sorry you are having that additional stress packed on.


  8. Strange. My comment from yesterday hasn’t shown up. Here’s what I said in a nutshell: I hope they don’t make you lose weight, but if they do, my weight loss method of choice is to go veggie for a couple of weeks. I love this b/c you don’t really have to worry about portion size on things like mushrooms and steamed green beans, and during the summer I crave fresh green beans even more than ice cream. You can get plenty of calcium with leafy greens, and yogurt and black or pinto beans are great for protein.

    And lest you think I’m a stringbean for suggesting an all-veggie diet, I’m 5’8″ and 170 lbs (10 lbs heavier than last year thanks to fertility meds and related stress. I need to go on the veggie diet.)


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