pride, tears and repressed fears

Vee and I are revelling in our new found apparent genius; to think I thought that people would think our dog stopper was boring!  Perhaps we should get it patented?  Er, perhaps not.

On another note, this song made us both cry, and we thought you’d like to watch/listen to it too, though it will very likely make you cry too, so don’t say you weren’t warned.  He’s a credit to his Dads, bless him!  I love how all the other kids keep joining in too.

Finally, we have booked a mini break go away and have fun, and hopefully distract ourselves from the fear that our donor may not be able to make the next try either, and no, they don’t have a good reason this time, not really [are we allowed to judge?].

Keep your fingers crossed, people.

– jay x


4 responses to this post.

  1. Fingers crossed!


  2. keepin’ them crossed! thanks for the song, too!


  3. fingers AND toes crossed!


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