Lonely little eggs

A month on the side lines; oh how I hate it.

My lonely little egg(s??) came went their merry way without any spermtastic welcome party there to greet them. Jay’s too, over the same weekend. What a waste.

Can’t be helped though, and it does give me more time to gather information about my test results and prepare for my next encounter with Doctor Smartarse. It seems that at least some reproductive specialists (specialists, matey, not General Practitioners) believe there is a link between high TSH levels and infertility, even when T4 levels are normal. That’ll be me then. One study stated that the optimum levels for getting and staying pregnant are between 1 and 2 (“normal” is considered to be anything between 0.5 and 5.0; mine was 5.81).

Jay and I need to discuss and research the logistics of this more, but if he gives me the brush-off again, I may ask him to refer me to a private clinic for a second opinion.

In the mean time, we’re busying ourselves with getting the house ready to go on the market. Ironic really that we put up with all those little things that needed doing, all that less than pleasant paintwork. Now we’re within a spit of leaving, they’re all resolved beautifully and the house is looking great. Hell, I’d buy it!



6 responses to this post.

  1. we are doing that with our house too! and BUMMER about a month off.


  2. A month off sucks when it isn’t because you decided you personally needed a break.

    And getting a referral would be nice. It’s just nice to have a doctor who takes what patients say seriously, be it a primary physician or a specialist.


  3. break months suuuuuck.
    but at least you have house stuff to mull through.



  4. I will have to take a month off if this one is a bust, and I know it will drive me batty too!

    At least the house is looking fabulous!


  5. Not even being able to try may be worse than trying and getting a BFN… thinking of you two, and hoping for a big break very soon.


  6. Months off really bite and I remember well how they felt when the delays were on the donor’s end. We’re on a super long break now (I figure in the end it’ll be almost two years by the time we get rolling again). But somehow, because it’s our choice it feels so much easier. When it’s the donor or the doctor or the universe, it’s awful.


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