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I don’t know – nothing to write about for days on end, then, all of a sudden, I have so many things I want to bring up, I hardly know where to start! I’m also rather annoyed that I want to post about so many different things, because, comment-slut that I am, I feel sure I won’t end up with the breadth and depth of response as I may have elicited from a string of single posts!! So please, don’t hold back – comment as much as you like! Prove me wrong!

First off, I should say that, as of last night, we are officially in the TWW again! Hurrah! I got some wonky readings from my monitor this month, only getting two ‘high’ readings before my peaks. In the previous three months, I’ve had 5 or 6! I noticed that, up until my highs, I didn’t get that second line on the stick, so I guess the technology knows what it’s doing. I could see it real strong yesterday and today though, and I got my usual additional ovulation symptoms, i.e. a horrible feeling of trapped wind!

On that tuneful note, I was wondering if anyone else experiences that – I get a gassy, bloated feeling, like I really need to fart (apologies to the easily offended), and sometimes a sharper pain on one side. I do usually get this on the evening of the first peak reading (as I did yesterday). Jay’s worried that it might indicate that I’m ovulating earlier than the monitor is telling us, but I have great faith in the chemistry of wee-with-hormones-in. Please tell me if my faith may be misguided.

Now we’re officially waiting again, I’ve dusted off my favourite ‘Why I can’t go running’ excuse. After packing down the calories over Christmas, Jay and I resolved to start running again. So far, so good, as we were having a month off from insemming. But now we’ve done the deed again, I’m overwhelmed with this irrational(?) fear that if I go running, I’ll shake out all the swimmers, or dislodge the zygote or whatever. Surely this must be just plain silly? Hell, I never manage to go faster than an old-lady shuffle anyway – what harm can it do? But it makes me uneasy, just the same.

While we were hanging around, in my case horizontally, waiting for the sperm to do its thing last night, our donor’s wife started showing us pictures of the birth of her youngest. Proper blood and umbilical cord baby pictures. At one point she said, “Oh, I remember that – they were cleaning him, while I got stitched”! Not the thing to say infront of a girl with a syringe load of you know what up her la-la. Far too late to get it out! And so all the scary, sweaty, I can’t do that thoughts brought to the surface by tales from Bri and Katie and Partner and that I’d been doing a good job of repressing, came rushing to the fore!

Actually, Katie and Partner’s baby Cricket is the first baby I’ve followed through from conception to birth, since starting TTC. Hoping he and his mummies are doing ok now and that everyone whose blog I’m currently reading will make it there in the end, one way or another.

And, talking about another way we form our families, I’m pretty fed up at all the hoo-ha that’s going on over here in the UK at the moment about so called ‘gay adoption’. Actually, this is all linked to the Goods and Services legislation that is supposed to be going through at the moment, preventing providers of goods and services from discriminating on the grounds of sexuality; this adoption thing is just the latest in a line of scenarios that religious groups have thrown up as being problematic for them (last week it was all those poor bed and breakfast proprietors who will be forced to open their doors to sodomites!) I wouldn’t mind so much, but they already have legislation that prevents me discriminating against them!!


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  1. Posted by Co on January 24, 2007 at 8:07 pm

    I totally have the same irrational(?) fear about running. I’ve been trying to exercise, by walking. But I’m a runner and I miss it.

    But, I worry because when I run, I run hard and my heart rate gets pretty high. I worry that that’s not healthy for little blastocyst/zygote. And when TTC, it’s important to be consistent about whatever you’re doing. So, I don’t want to run hard for 2 weeks and then walk for 2 weeks. I want to be consistent. So, I’ve been walking.

    Congrats on entering the TWW. We’re TWW mates. I hope this is it for you!

    And I’d trust the fertility monitor. I’m not saying don’t trust your body. I think you’re definitely sensing something. But I think that the gassy feeling and sharper pain might just be your follie getting nice and plump and ready to burst. I don’t think it necessarily means ovulation. (I know some people feel pain at ovulation, but it could be something else for you.) When I have 3 Clomid follies, I experience pain and bloating before I’ve ovulated. And since I’m having ultrasounds done, I know I haven’t O’d yet. So, my advice would be to trust the monitor. Do you do OPKs or charting, too? If so, you could use one of those to reassure you.


  2. Posted by CD & SP on January 25, 2007 at 2:57 am

    the umbillical cord bloody picture thing—WEIRD!

    i totally don’t blame you for being just a bit squeamish about it as half of the possible future child’s genetic code was rusing up into your hoo-ha. at least you were thinking about the possible outcome. positive thoughts!!


  3. Posted by SaraS-P on January 25, 2007 at 4:34 pm

    Yes, I am terrified of exercising after intercourse when it is my fertile time. I need to be exercising, but I am scared, like you, that I won’t get pregnant because I prevented the swimmers from getting where they need to go!

    I get ovulation pain too, but I have read that it often does not correspond to actual egg release. It can just be the stretching of the area where the egg will soon be released.


  4. Posted by bri on January 26, 2007 at 7:36 pm

    I never even liked to run to get across a street if the light was changing while in a TWW. I feel only slightly better about it now that TK, if alive, is pretty firmly ensconced.

    Best of luck for this wait!


  5. Posted by bri on January 26, 2007 at 7:37 pm

    Oh, and I have a friend who very nearly miscarried because she went running while in the first month or so of pregnancy. She was not a major athlete, though, and they say you can do something if your body is already used to it.


  6. Posted by e. on January 28, 2007 at 5:44 pm

    i am a runner and i asked my MW if it’s okay to run in the tww, she said yes, just don’t push myself as hard as i might if not in the tww. so i try to keep a steedy rate while running on the tww, and then i wail when not in the tww. i do miss the hard runs while waiting, but at least i know i can still run.

    congrats on the tww. i maybe be there sooner than exected this cycle…also a weird fertility monitor reading month for me.


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