move along…nothing happening here…

I know, I know – I’m incredibly lame and haven’t blogged for an age.

I can’t work out if it’s because I have nothing to say or whether I’m scared to start a barrage.

We’re still waiting. And surprisingly, still quite chilled about waiting. So chilled in fact that our fertile friend ticked me off for not having updated my chart! That’s jay’s job, so blame her 😉 I’m kind of not so thrilled about my temps after what Bri said. I can’t fathom a way to make them reliable, what with the middle of the night peeing and the insomnia, so I can’t really expect them to tell me much. Brilliant that you’re pregnant again though Bri – congrats!! Please check out her husband’s fabulous, glamourous pet-bed venture as well – Lexie Lew. When do you start shipping to the UK?

We’re 7 DPO now and I keep thinking that, if I were pregnant, surely I’d be able to tell? But nothing. Zip. Well, my boobs are a little sore, but I suspect that’s because I keep poking at them to see if they feel sore. Lucky I work from home sometimes, eh? Oh, and I have an itchy nipple. Hardly a promising sign!

In other news, jay and I only have 2 more working days until our Christmas holidays start. Two days!! We can’t wait!! We’re de-camping to somewhere cold and peaceful for Christmas week, and are hoping for lots of walking, reading, eating and, well…that’s all you need to know, I think!


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  1. Posted by bri on December 13, 2006 at 6:37 pm

    Sounds like an excellent Christmas – I am jealous. I think one of the top things I will enjoy about a return to real life (either with baby or deciding not to have one) will be the ability to plan a reliable getaway without ovulation getting in the way.

    Thanks for the link for Wes – I am sure he would ship to the UK because he loves you all so. Plus he’s going there in March so maybe he could deliver. Heh.


  2. If you were pg, you mught well not be able to tell yet.

    You had me laughing out loud about the boob poking and itchy nipple.

    Glad your holidays start soon. Enjoy


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