Why is it taking so long?! Just found out if you go and give blood (our KD’s preferred method of getting tested for HIV/STDs etc), you have to wait four to six lousy weeks for the results. Well, we don’t HAVE that long. We have about 17 days until the next cycle, to be precise.

It’s not that hard to get a blood test and it’s not asking too much to do it, surely? And we have already given them info about other things, like clinic addresses and opening times and the fact that it’s confidential etccccc. But they haven’t done anything yet 😐

As vee pointed out, it is a small thing for them in their hectic, child-filled lives, but as I added, it is a HUGE thing for us.

Really huge.

And because they’re doing us a favour we ain’t even meant to be upset. Sigh.

*covers eyes*

Oh well *deep breath* back to work, and pretending that nothing weird is happening and everything is ok and whatever.

Maybe one day we will look back on this and laugh, and realise how far away it seems. I hope so, anyway.

– jay


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